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Thinking, Learning, Caring


At St John’s School our Core Values underpin everything we do. They represent our school ethos and principles. We all strive to live out the School’s Core Values on a daily basis. We believe that St John’s School should be a safe, secure and happy learning environment, that allows us take risks as learners, as well as grow and develop as people.

How we believe Thinking, Learning, Caring is seen, felt, heard, taught and developed at St John’s School.


We believe Thinking is about:

We encourage children to have a positive attitude towards school, their learning, themselves as individuals as well as others in our community. We encourage children to think about their skills and talents and aspire to achieve their potential.  We will positively strive toensure every child makes the best possible progress, has the best possible education and we will think of how we can all develop and achieve as learners. ·

We want children to become increasingly independent and self-motivated learners. We want to see everyone thinking about their targets and ways forward and organizing their own motivation, time, work and opportunities to accomplish their required progress. We encourage everyone to think about the choices we make and to maintain a positive attitude in everything we do. ·

 We want children to become confident in their views and thoughts so they can contribute effectively, communicate clearly and challenge themselves.  We need to model this for children, by being confident to contribute our views and challenge ourselves too ·

Organisation and Planning
: We teach children to take responsibility for their organisational skills, to look after themselves, their belongings and the school’s property. We need to think about and be respectful in valuing time, appreciative of the efforts of others and the opportunities we are given. We need to be ready, planned and prepared for the day’s activities and events. Staff and pupils need to plan learning in order to achieve the best we can. ·

When things go wrong, we need to recognise this, learn from mistakes, pick ourselves up, and think how we could do things differently next time.  ·

We teach and promote creativity.  We should celebrate diversity of approach and encourage children to be creative thinkers. We will aim to incorporate the distinctiveness of our Island and outdoor learning into our teaching and learning We will value differing views and ideas and reflect on them. ·

We encourage children to be curious about their thinking, learning and environment.  We support investigative thinking and learning, awe and wonder and provide time for children to investigate and discover for themselves, ask questions and observe the world around them. Staff need to model curiosity and value the space and time needed to explore, question and discover.

We believe Learning is about: ·

We aim for commitment to our learning, the school and the local community.  We will commit to making learning relevant and current ensuring that our learners are equipped with the necessary skills for today’s world. We follow the Jersey Curriculum ensuring that it meets the needs of all our learners and supports our school ethos. We are committed to taking risks as learners and challenging ourselves to do our best. We aim to ensure both staff and children represent the high standards that we expect in our attitude as learners, our appearance and conduct.   ·

Achievement and Pride: We have high expectations for every single child and expect them to progress well and achieve to their best ability.  We believe that everyone in our community should feel proud of their achievements and able to celebrate their successes, no matter how large or small. We need to celebrate our own achievements and ensure we give time to celebrate children’s achievements. ·

Reflection: We will support children with the process of self-reflection and provide time and opportunity to revisit work, edit and improve it. Children should expect formative comments made on their learning and be allowed space to consider how to move their learning forward. We need to provide time, space and opportunities for discussion in moving learning forward, throughout the school, forward. ·

Collaboration: We teach collaborative skills so that children can work effectively and productively as a team and community member.  We teach skills such as leadership, organisation and decision-making. We will encourage clear, concise conversation as well as model and use “helpful talk” throughout our community. We need to work in collaboration between home and school to ensure that we do what is best, for each child. ·

Enthusiasm, Engagement, Enjoyment:
We want all children to enjoy their learning, be motivated as learners, as well as enthusiastic about their learning.  We strive to make learning a motivating, engaging, enjoyable experience. We believe that learning and school should be challenging, exciting and fun. We should all enjoy coming to school. St John’s School should be a place where everyone can smile, laugh and enjoy learning together.

We believe Caring is about:

Safety- We make the school as safe as possible. We teach the children about how to look after themselves and each other, physically and emotionally.  We have a collective responsibility to ensure we keep children safe in and around school and feel safe and secure to take risks as learners. Everyone at St John’s School is encouraged to think about the choices they make and act safely and appropriately in and around school. ·

– Our school, Parish and Island community is important to us. We will incorporate our distinctiveness in as many ways as possible into our learning and school life. We will strive to value and respect everyone in our community, and teach our children to respect themselves and others. We think about our communication with each other and speak appropriately to each other. ·

Politeness- We teach children to be polite and have good manners. We encourage everyone to listen to others and demonstrate positive body language. We learn to deal with conflicts honestly, openly and respectfully, knowing that we won’t always agree with each other. We think about how we use our voices and hands appropriately. We model politeness in our communication with each other. Our conversations are fair and professional, supportive and truthful.  ·

Inclusiveness- We try to ensure that all children feel valued and included in our school, and celebrate and learn from cultural, religious and other differences. We ensure everyone’s contribution is valued and celebrate their unique role and contribution to our community. St John’s School Community promotes a sense of belonging, where everyone is respected and has an important role to play. ·

Empathy –
We support children in understanding the meaning of the word “empathy” and promote a culture where we listen to each other, support one another in difficult times, as well as challenging each other when choices demand courage and commitment. ·

Honesty and Integrity –
At St John’s School, we teach the importance of speaking the truth and being honest, even when we have done something wrong. We all value the importance of integrity and being moral in our choices and decisions. We realize that we need support and guidance in demonstrating integrity. We aspire to be people who are known to demonstrate integrity in all areas of life.