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17.06.20 - Press release, pupils to return to school, see below for a Letter to parents from Mrs De La Haye and on the documents below for the press release. 

Dear Parents and Carers.


Re-opening of St John’s Primary School.


It has been agreed by CYPES that:

•            All primary school children will return to school, in a phased plan, from 22nd June

•            ‘Bubbles’ or ‘pods’ of children will remain, with the size and scope of these increased to whole classes; for example. Year 6 will no longer be in 3 separate pods, but 1 class pod

•            Specific year groups, from Nursery to Year 5 classes, will join Year 6, who have already returned to school, over the course of the week beginning June  22nd

•            These year groups will return on specified days. The specific order and frequency of return for each year group will be decided by each individual school headteacher, based on local conditions and     

               physical set up needs, within clear parameters that classes return over a 5-7 day period. Therefore, all classes are returned by Tuesday 30th June, at the latest (and not earlier than Friday 26th  


•            Physical distancing between pupils within ‘bubbles’ is removed

•            Physical distancing of 1 metre between adults from a different household in school is recommended

•            Physical distancing between adults and children should be 1 metre where possible, but if not possible, close contact is recommended to be kept to under 15 minutes (for example, in classrooms, or    

               passing in corridors)

•            ‘Pick up’ and ‘drop off’ should be co-ordinated to reduce numbers of adults attending, to support adherence to the legal or officially recommended physical distancing where practical

•            The phased return will help schools adapt new arrangements for ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ times

•            To support headteachers and staff set up for new arrangements without any interruption to established support to Year 6 pupils and the children of Critical Workers, the phasing of classes’ returns is  

               devolved to the headteacher.

•            For the few days where the children of Critical Workers and some vulnerable children are still in discreet groups, the physical distancing rule drops from 2m to 1m apart.


What does this look like for St John’s School.


The new start/ end  times for each day, listed below, will remain the same until the end of term. From Monday 29th June, siblings may arrive/ leave school at the same time.


When classes return to school Goggle Classroom will no longer be running as teachers will be planning and teaching children face to face.


Please confirm your child’s attendance with your chid/ren’s class teacher/s by Monday 22nd June.


Monday 22nd June


Year 6 and pink and aqua pods in school – as normalNo other classes to return. Google Classroom operating.


Tuesday 23rd June.


Year 6, Year 5 , Reception Class – plus children in pink and aqua pods – no google classroom for these year groups.


Wednesday 24th June


Year 6, Year 5, Year 4,  Reception Class, Nursery Class - plus children in pink and aqua pods -– no google classroom for these year groups.


Thursday 25th June


Year 6, Year 5,  Year 4,  Reception Class, Nursery Class - plus children in pink and aqua pods – no google classroom for these year groups.


Friday 26th.


All classes back in school from Nursery through to Year 6 - no google classroom for any year group.


Start and end of day. These new times will remain until the end of term. Parents will need to collect their children and leave the premises without delay. No playing in the playground is allowed at this time:


8:30 am – Year 6 and Reception


8:40 am – Year 5 and Year 1


8:50 am – Year 4 and Year 2


9:00 am – Year 3 and Nursery


Please use the class entrances for drop off and pick , except for Year 5 and Year 6 who will come through the main door as normal. This will avoid bubbles mixing. Siblings can be dropped off and collected at the same time.


End of day:


2:00  – Nursery


2:15 – Reception


2:30 – Year 1 and Year 2


2:40 – Year 3 and Year 4


2:50 – Year 5


3:00  – Year 6.


We are delighted that children can return to school before the end of term and a thorough transition will take place to support children in moving to new year groups in September. I realise that these arrangements may not be convenient for some parents; however, we are following clear guidance form CYPES and managing the process based on the layout in our school – entrances and exit points and the safety of pupils and staff during these unusual and challenging times.


With best wishes for a smooth transition.


Trudie De La Haye.