St John's School

School Development Plan

The school development plan (SDP) is the school's strategic plan for improvement. It sets out the actions the school will take to improve learner outcomes.

Here is an outline of the SDP for St. John's Primary School for 2017:


  • To monitor and evaluate the delivery and impact of Jersey Premium for pupils; To monitor and evaluate the impact of pupil interventions on pupil progress
  • To monitor and evaluate the delivery and impact of Reciprocal reading in Years 4,5 and 6

Behaviour, Personal Development & Welfare

  • To organise and lead pupil and parent forums on online-safety and behaviour.
  • To develop understanding and awareness in both these areas for pupils and parents
  • To use questionnaire/ feedback responses to plan ways forward in both these areas of behaviour, personal development and welfare

Leadership & Management

  • To lead and support staff with their own planned, rigorous Professional Development in order to raise expectation of pupil attainment and challenge.
  • To use questions to promote challenge and awareness of pupil understanding.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

  • To develop reasoning skills in pupils
  • To develop teacher confidence in delivering reasoning skills in class
  • To write and embed a calculations policy
  • To further develop writing in school  (40% of pupils to attain ‘secure’ at the end of KS2)