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Pupil Survey 2020

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Parents Survey 2019

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Parent Reading Survey | October 2018

Dear Parents

We would be most grateful if you would spare a few minutes to complete this short anonymous survey about your child's reading, and the reading that takes place in your home.

If you have more than one child in school then we'd really appreciate it if you could complete a separate survey for each child. There is a separate survey for children in Early Years (Nursery & Reception).

This survey is voluntary but will be extremely helpful as we aim to ensure the engagement in reading of every pupil in St. John's School, to further consolidate and maintain our already high reading standards in school.

Thank you for your time and help in completing this survey.

It is very much appreciated.

Mrs Colette O'Brien

English Co-ordinator

If your child is in Early Years (Nursery & Reception), then please click here:

If your child is in Key Stages One or Two (Year 1-6), then please click here:



Past Survey Results

Thank you to all of our parents who took the time to complete our annual parent survey.

Please find below a summative review of our 2018 survey. The next newsletter will identify and respond to individual comments from parents.