St John's School

Survey Response

A huge thank you to all who have completed our April/May 2022 Survey.

We have received some wonderful feedback and would like to share some with you:

  • “I can't think of anything that is missing from St Johns that you could add to make it more successful.”
  • “In the current climate  it is so challenging and you are all doing a great job keeping things as normal as possible for the children”
  • “Nothing! My children bounce out of school each day excited to share all the things that have happened. We never have a problem bringing our children to school. They get up early each day excited about the learning that will take place”
  • “I don't feel like there is anything that I could add that would make it more successful. We are extremely happy with the school”
  • “I have found that teachers at St John's School have formed good classroom relationships with their individual pupils of which increases their motivation/ confidence to engage in learning  and provides a foundation to future literacy skills”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • “From our perspective St John's lives the school's ethos - "Thinking  Learning and Caring". Wouldn't change anything about the caring of the staff  the wonderful curriculum offered and the opportunities to Think Think  Think! All our children speak fondly of the school and are happy to come each day. Behaviour is excellent."
  • "Keep doing what you are doing!”
  • “Excellent school where children - their learning their needs and their development as people are central.. . As parents  we will miss Mrs De La Haye who has led the school with commitment and dedication,  Mrs Fairhead - an excellent teacher and Mrs Loveless - so kind. My children have experienced an excellent primary education”
  • “My child is enjoying his first term of school. He feels safe and comfortable and has made some great friends. He is creative and enjoys when he gets the opportunity to design and make things”
  • “Very happy with the community spirit of the school”
  • “I can't think of anything that is missing from St Johns that you could add to make it more successful.”