St John's School

The School Day

ALL visitors please enter school by the main entrance.

We value punctuality; children who arrive after registration miss an important time of the day with their teacher and peers. Learning to be punctual is a life skill and one that we encourage here at St John.

Children should arrive no earlier than 8.30a.m. prepared for the day.

School begins with registration 8.45am prompt
Mid morning break 10.30am
Lunch   12.00 – 1.00pm
Afternoon break (Foundation/KS1) 2.15pm
End of the day 3.00pm

At least two members of staff are on duty from 8:30a.m-08:45am and 3:00p.m.-15:15pm to supervise the playground.

We ask that wherever possible you walk your children to school, however if you need to bring your child in a car please observe the playground rules and plans for dropping off your children safely.

To support everyone with a clear, manageable system, we designed a “dropping off / picking up system” in which your child’s safety is paramount. Guidelines can be given to you as a separate document with a map/diagram explaining our procedure. Please follow these simple guidelines when dropping your children off or collecting them from school.

  • Punctuality and safe parking are vital
  • Parents ensure that their children know the safety rules

End of the day

We ask that for safety reasons children from the Nursery are supervised using the climbing frame between 2.45 and 3.00pm at all times. Children are not allowed on the climbing frame between 3.00p.m and 3.15p.m., after this time they MUST be supervised by their parents. When you have collected your child from the Nursery/KS1 area please join the main playground keeping an eye on any children in your care.

  • Except for children in KS2 who may go home on their own, once written permission from the parent is received, children will be handed over to their parents at the end of the day from their classrooms – any child not collected will be brought back into school for collection.
  • Children in Year 5 & 6 leave by the main entrance
  • Parents must never take children other than their own unless agreed by prior arrangement with the child’s teacher or the school secretary – who will let the teacher know.