St John's School

Parent Questionnaire - November 2020

We are trying to ensure our school does the very best it can for your child/ren. Please help us understand your views by choosing the most appropriate response to reflect your opinions. We are aware that the school looks and feels different during this “COVID” season. This is causing us to limit clubs, trips and activities. We trust that you know the school well, understand our ethos and beliefs, and how we would normally operate. We value your comments.

Tick one box only for each question. One questionnaire per family will help us to get a picture of parental views across the school.

The closing date for this questionnaire is Monday 30th November.

 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot Applicable
My child is happy and enjoys being at St John's School.
St John’s School has a caring, calm and positive ethos.
The school provides and develops many exciting learning opportunities for pupils, including whole school topics; for example, the whole school Science investigation and when there are no COVID restrictions, class trips and residential visits to Sark, Scout Hut, St Aubin’s Fort, France.
Teaching is good in the school, supporting pupils to make progress as learners.
Children are encouraged to respect other pupils positively, as well as respect the wider community.
I receive information about how my child is progressing and can approach the class teacher or a member of staff if I need further information on my child’s progress.
I feel I could recommend St John’s School to other parents