St John's School

Covid Update from Mrs De La Haye

Dear Parents and Carers.

We want to keep you  updated about our Covid situation/ positive cases in school. We are striving hard to ensure school operates as close to “normal” as possible.

Currently, we have several positive cases across the school, so please keep any child/ren at home, who are displaying symptoms or feeling unwell. To keep our community as safe as possible, we will send home pupils who are unwell. Thank you everyone who has followed this guidance rigorously.

Due to the holidays, many pupils who are presently unwell or have  tested positive,  have remained away from school. This means class peers are not direct contacts unless “play dates” occurred in the holiday. If this is the case, pupils will be contacted directly by contact tracing.

If a pupil has returned to school this week and has since tested positive in the past 48 hours, pupils in the class will be identified as Direct Contacts and will receive Lateral Flow Tests to use for the next 10 days. Should a positive LFT be identified, please follow guidance.

Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to keep our community safe.

I think you may be hearing from me regularly in the next few weeks. 😊

Kind regards,

Trudie De La Haye