St John's School

New Head Teacher


I am happy to inform you that in September 2022, the new Headteacher at St John’s School will be Mr Jamie Hazley.  Mr Hazley is currently a Deputy Headteacher in one of our Jersey schools, and over the years, he has been involved in many sporting events/ school teams and led key island initiatives. Just before half term, Mr Hazley completed a demanding and rigourous interview process. He was successful, and is very excited to take on the role in September. Before the end of the Summer Term, he will introduce himself to the school community. We have planned  meetings to begin a smooth and well prepared transition. We will work together to appoint new teachers for September 2022, due to Mrs Loveless and Mrs Fairhead’s recent successful appointments. We have time to work together to complete this task, as well as a seamless handover.  

I look forward to watching a new era develop at St John’s under the leadership of Mr Hazley. I know that you will support him and help him settle into this new and highly privileged role.

Kind regards,

Trudie De La Haye