St John's School

Information from Mrs De La Haye

I just wanted to touch base with you all.

Firstly, thank you to our wonderful PTA for our recent fundraisers. The PTA Book Sale followed a highly successful and  colourful celebration of books in school. It was lovely to watch pupils reading newly purchased books in our Gazebo, as their friends continued searching through the pile of books on view. Thank you everyone who made this possible. Mrs Paul led a lovely story focused Assembly at the end of Book week, valuing inclusivity in school. Our world map features thoughts from both World Book Day and Multi-cultural week. £211.33 was taken through the books sale, with £73;33 being used for new books for each class, leaving a total of £137:97 for PTA funds.

Thank you to the PTA for organising the Scavenger Hunt over half term and we are looking forward to Pizza Box tasty Pizzas on March 18th. Order yours as soon as possible for a tasty Friday night treat. 😊 I’m sure the Men’s Night Out was also a lively and fun event too. We will be working with the PTA team, creating a colourful end of term Easter event!

Thank you for donations for the crisis in Ukraine – both money and practical items. We collected £197:79 in school. If you are finding conversations about the Ukraine crisis difficult to address with your children, please look at helpful guidance on the Learning at Home website – link can be found on our webpage. The Learning at Home Webpage also updates exciting events taking place in Jersey which are being planned for families to enjoy.

Well done to all our budding sporting stars and artists, who have been (or are about to be), demonstrating their skills and talents. These include everyone who has taken part in the Bike ability training, those who swam in the Swimarathon yesterday, footballers who have represented us at football and artists from St John, whose work Mrs Day spent a lot of time displaying creatively yesterday, in the Jersey Eisteddfod. Look out for dates and times to visit the Eisteddfod in order to see the creative talents of many people who live in Jersey.

Tomorrow, Mrs Moore our Senior Adviser is coming into school to lead an Assembly celebrating the Jewish Festival of Purim. Mr Parkinson came into school last Monday and supported Mrs Fairhead in a Maths Learning Walk. We have a Geography and Science Learning Walk planned before Easter and Mrs Moore is spending the morning in school on Wednesday March 16th, visiting classes getting to know the unique distinctiveness that is St John’s.

Red Nose Day will be taking place on March 18th. Details to follow.

Lots happening for us to enjoy and celebrate.

Covid continues to impact on staffing at St John’s. During this week, we have had 4 staff members who continue to battle Covid. The flexibility of staff has meant that we have “kept on going” and continued to engage in all these exciting activities.

I also spent much of yesterday with Mr. Hazley, our new Headteacher in September. These meetings will be very helpful in ensuring a smooth transition in the months ahead.

I just wanted to inform you of our proactive and exciting events that we have been/are engaging with, this half term.

Best wishes,

Trudie De La Haye