St John's School

Message from Mrs De La Haye


As you will be aware, along with the vast majority of Primary Schools in the Island, we are being affected by Covid. Currently, cases are not being spread from pupil to pupil, but coming into St John’s through links outside the school itself. We have increased our cleaning programme in school and are being extra vigilant, in order to keep everyone safe. 

We have pupils and staff being tested at the harbour during the next three days. Supply staff are also being tested. This has resulted in  challenge with covering classes. Everyone is doing their absolute best, but again, I would like to ask for your support if spellings or homework tasks are different during the next few days. Mrs Falle is also under increased pressure, as she copes with phone calls and questions being asked, as well as managing the general office and contact tracing demands. 

If your child has been identified as a direct contact, do not send them into school  if they are displaying any one of the current covid symptoms. This will help contain any potential spread. Thank you.

We are not alone in this situation. This morning I was at a meeting where Headteachers discussed their individual covid challenges, and how this was impacting on most schools.

We are working hard to keep everyone safe, and school as normal as possible.

Thank you for your support,

Trudie De La Haye.