St John's School

Changes to Isolation Policy

This message  contains important information about an immediate change in isolation requirements for direct contacts identified in Jersey and on arrival through travel.

If you have agreed to get tested as a direct contact, you can now leave isolation, as long as you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms and have received negative results so far.

If you have tested positive you must remain in isolation for the required time

If you have COVID-19 symptoms you must remain in isolation

If you have not agreed to get tested as a direct contact, you must remain in isolation until your 14 days have ended.

If you now wish to enter the testing programme and are a direct contact, please contact the helpline 0800 735 5566 to book a test.

The Chief Minister along with other Ministers (Competent Authorities Ministers) agreed this change today, Sunday 4 July. They have agreed for this change in policy to be back dated for anyone that is currently already in isolation, which is why it affects you and any members of your household under 18.

If you become symptomatic

If you develop one or more of the Covid related symptoms you and your household must immediately isolate and contact the helpline on 0800 735 5566. This is regardless of whether you are fully vaccinated or not. These symptoms are found at this page on Health information and advice (

If you are living with someone that has tested positive for Covid-19

You can leave isolation immediately but must agree to continued testing.

If you haven’t received any test results

You can leave isolation immediately but must attend your test booking when you receive it. If you can’t attend, please contact the helpline to rearrange on 0800 735 5566.

If your child is a direct contact (whether in the same household as someone that’s tested positive or not) can they attend school?


Can you attend work?

You do not need to isolate. Check with your workplace whether they are happy for you to attend.

Can you go for a vaccination if you have no symptoms?


In summary:

The key points to note include:

There is no isolation requirement for anyone identified as a direct contact as long as they are participating in the testing programme and do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

This means both staff and students who are direct contacts and meet this can return to school tomorrow, as long as not symptomatic.

This policy change Is implemented immediately.

Direct contacts who choose not to be tested are still required to isolate for 14 days