St John's School

Our Ethos

St John’s School Vision Statement is –

“Thinking, Learning, Caring”

Our mission statement underpins everything we do at St John’s School and provides the vision for our school. It is revisited in assemblies, through daily interaction with staff, children and parents and is shared through letters and all forms of communication. It reflects our corporate belief.

Our vision supports our development as successful learners, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. We aim to create an environment where everyone is empowered to grow and develop so that we can all achieve our full potential.

We believe that our school provides the pupils with security, friendship, encouragement, motivation, stimulation, praise, respect, resilience and consideration for their individuality. We believe that the teaching and learning at St John’s School develops knowledge, confidence, self esteem, autonomy, independence, self discipline, individuality, responsibility, perseverance, cooperation, a positive attitude, valuing of others, environment and property, social awareness and encouragement for each child to achieve their personal best. Teaching and Learning at our school, promotes skills for life, embraces outdoor learning through the Forest School experience and innovative outdoor learning opportunities, develops high standards and expectations in all learning areas and encourages thinking skills, positive attitudes, creativity and enjoyment. Our curriculum is based on the requirements laid out in the Jersey Curriculum and a range of initiatives including assessment for learning, critical skills, S.O. approach (Solution Orientated – encouraging the child to find the solution) and successful learning strategies.


Our Philosophy of teaching for learning

At St John’s School, we believe that we are all born with distinctive abilities. We are all born creative. We believe that education should be a child-centred exploration of learning, interwoven with knowledge and skills. Education should start with curiosity and with experiences that awaken the interest of children themselves. St John’s School aims to educate the whole child – not just our pupils’ academic abilities, but also their engagement of feelings, physical development, moral education and creativity. We believe that a teacher’s role is to draw out the “individual in every child” – to provide an educational environment that allows each child to develop their own unique personality, build self esteem, confidence and personal autonomy. We believe in supporting our pupils in becoming creative. Creativity is not an isolated process. It is not just art, design and performing arts. Creative learning draws from a network of knowledge and ideas, achievements and influences from other people, an awareness of culture, an interaction of science, technology and the arts and their impact on cultural values. This philosophy is the structure through which we deliver our curriculum.