St John's School

School Development Plan

Summary of School Development Plan

The school development plan (SDP) is the school's strategic plan for improvement. It sets out the actions the school will take to improve learner outcomes.

Here is an outline of the SDP for St. John's Primary School for 2020 – 2021: St John’s School Development Plan.

Teaching & Achievement in Literacy, Maths and St John’s School breadth of Curriculum

  • To encourage and inspire all pupils to achieve their true potential.
  • To monitor the agreed intent in the teaching and learning of phonics and spelling throughout the school, implementing the agreed skills for each year group and therefore impacting on pupil confidence and independent application of skills in writing.
  • There will be evidence of increased pupil achievement in the school’s three-year trend in writing with 70% of pupils from Year 1 – Year 6 evidenced as secure in writing by July 2020.
  • 80% of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 evidenced as secure in reading by July 2021.
  • To further support staff in their development of a Mastery approach in the teaching of mathematics.
  • To upskill staff ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the curriculum two years prior and two years beyond their current year group.
  •  To develop use of Journals as a record of pupils reasoning & depth of understanding and as an assessment tool· At least 70% of pupils in every class will be secure or demonstrating learning at greater depth
  • To ensure that all year groups receive their curriculum entitlement and agreed time allocations for each subject area
  • To ensure that effective links are made between curriculum subjects (and other initiatives), so that children are excited and enthusiastic about their learning.
  • To ensure that these curriculum links have a substantial impact on the progress in English and Maths.
  • Cross-curricular links evidence connections between subject areas within meaningful contexts.
  • Behaviour, Personal Development & Welfare

  • All vulnerable pupils in school will develop the qualities and attributes needed to thrive as individuals, family and members of society. (Jersey Curriculum PSHE).
  • 50% of vulnerable groups, specifically those who are JP or those with EAL will attain secure and the remaining vulnerable pupils will make rapid and sustained progress, as well as demonstrate confidence, self- esteem and resilience.

Leadership & Management

  •  Leaders at St John’s School continue to establish a reflective Learning Community, where staff are motivated and trusted to take risks and innovate, in ways that are right for their pupils.
  • Through agreed intent, all members of staff are supported and challenged to develop their thinking, learning and professional/personal development in their role as subject leaders. This is evidenced through the implementation and establishing of rigorous and SMART targets, clear progression of skills and connections between subject areas, as well as clearly defined subject plans. The impact of the continuous rigour in monitoring standards and progress allows for the professional development of every teacher in school, as they lead and develop a subject area.